"It is your Vision Quest. This old mountain has drawn my ancestors here for centuries to begin their journey in search of the Great Mystery. Just like it called you when you were just a boy."
My breath caught in my throat, his words suffocating me.
“The Great Mystery?” I somehow managed to mumble between shallow breaths.
“Who am I: The great mystery that confronts us all sooner or later, and it looks to me like your time has come.”
“So you do believe?” I asked plaintively, my voice returning to the unsteady tenor of puberty.
“Yes, I believe. There are those that think the Vision Quest can only be revealed to a man. But the truth is, it can only be seen with the eyes of a child.”
My eyes began to blur with tears, my throat to tighten.
“I haven‘t seen the world like that for a very long time.”
“But your dream,” John urged gently. “Your dream is the gods conspiring to give you freedom, just like the elders sang that night in the Sundance ceremony:

When worlds collide there sounds a tolling
A call to rise and seize the moment
The gods conspire to give us freedom
When worlds collide the journey has begun

"What are you saying?" I challenged him, pushing back from the precipice of dread I felt drawing near.
“Your search for the sacred gift has already started.”

Song of Shambhala enovel - www.songofshambhala.com
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